Avid Home Cooks: Four Kitchen Features That Will Simplify Your Cooking Processes


If you're having your kitchen remodeled and updated, it is important to focus not only on materials and colors, but also on features. There are plenty of unique, modern kitchen features and gadgets that can simplify your cooking processes and make using your kitchen more enjoyable. Here's a look at a few features that are likely to come in handy when you cook.

A Water Faucet At The Stove

Lugging a big pasta pot into the sink, and then out of the sink again once it is full, can be a real pain. With a faucet mounted on the wall behind your stove, you never have to do this again. Some homeowners opt for a swivel faucet, which can be twisted back towards the wall when not in use. Others prefer a pull-out sprayer style faucet. Either option allows you to fill your pots directly on the stove, saving your time and your back.

A Waste Slot in the Counter

When chopping vegetables, it can be a hassle to have to pick up the scraps and carry them to the trash. You might drop them on the floor in the process, making a mess. Instead of dealing with this struggle, you can have a little slot built into your countertop. In the cupboard below the slot, place a trash bin. When you're chopping veggies or other ingredients, you just drop the scraps down into the slot and into the bin.

Drop-Down Cabinet Shelves

Even if you're on the tall side, reaching the highest shelves in your kitchen cabinets is likely a struggle. Some people don't even use these shelves for this reason -- which is a waste of space. Drop-down shelves solve this problem. Just pull down on the edge, and the whole shelf comes down on a hinge, letting you easily grab items off of it. When you're done, push the shelf back up into place.

A Countertop Garage

Appliances like stand mixers and toasters can take up a lot of room on your counter, leaving you little space to work. A good solution to this issue is to have a countertop garage included in your cabinet design. This storage unit consists of a small, garage-like door that opens to reveal a space on the surface of your counter, but behind your workspace (within the cabinet structure), where you can house your little appliances out of sight. Open the garage, and slide your appliances out as needed. Then, slide them back in when you're done.

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9 October 2015

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