New House, New Dreams, New Looks: How Reinventing Your Living Space Brings New Life To You


Sometimes changing your location, your living space and even your goals and pursuits can completely change how you think and feel. If you have reached the point in your life where you just want to chuck it all and start fresh, a new home with interior design service may be just the things you need. Here is how reinventing your living space can bring new life to you.

More Comfort, More Style, More You

If you are like most people, you generally accumulate stuff and then it just comes together in a room. It ends up looking cluttered and not very "put-together." That can actually create anxiety that you may not even be aware of, which is why you may be compelled to find a new living space. Working with an interior designer you can find out what your creature comforts are and what your styles and tastes are too. Then the rooms you occupy in your new house will be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to you, which is what they should be.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is a trending style of furniture arrangement. Some people do report a change in mood, thoughts, behavior and action after having their homes done up in the Feng Shui method. There is no harm in trying this, since it could work for you. Be sure to hire not only an interior designer, but also one that is an experienced and trained Feng Shui organizer.

Space versus Stuff

When you have stuff, it is always a matter of space and where to put the stuff. The reverse is also true. When you have a lot of space, but no stuff, you want to fill the space with stuff. However, both of these scenarios can cause a lot of stress, and then you just feel out of place no matter where you are. That is where interior design can help maximize space, minimize stuff, and make it all work so that every room in your home appears balanced, uncluttered and uncrowded. When your rooms appear balanced, uncluttered and uncrowded, then you feel and look better too.

One Room at a Time or All at Once

You could apply the interior designer's skills to just one room of your house at a time until you are fully moved into the new place. You could also turn the designer loose in your new house and have all of the rooms completed all at once. The choice is yours. 


13 October 2016

Perfecting Your Place

One day, after inviting a new friend to my house, I could tell that my place needed a few updates. She commented on the older decor, and I knew that it was time to make a few changes. Instead of ignoring the outdated curtains and interesting knick-knacks, I zeroed in on one room at a time, and started to transform the space with new rugs, interesting pictures, and new accessories. You wouldn't believe how much my place transformed before my eyes. Within a few weeks, my apartment started to look brand new, modern, and edgy. This blog is all about making your space into something beautiful.