New House, New Dreams, New Looks: How Reinventing Your Living Space Brings New Life To You


Sometimes changing your location, your living space and even your goals and pursuits can completely change how you think and feel. If you have reached the point in your life where you just want to chuck it all and start fresh, a new home with interior design service may be just the things you need. Here is how reinventing your living space can bring new life to you. More Comfort, More Style, More You

13 October 2016

Learn Three Unique Ways To Use A Picture Frame


Many people think that picture frames can only be used to display pictures. It's important to be creative when it comes to decorating and using picture frames in nontraditional ways can be a great way to add d├ęcor to your home without spending a lot of money. The following guide walks you through a few ideas for how to use picture frames in unique ways. Create a Necklace Holder Go to a home improvement store and buy small knobs to attach to the frame.

15 January 2016