3 Great Renovation Tips for Residential Closets


An important, yet highly underrated, aspect of your home is the closet. You use this area daily, whether it's to organize outfits or to select jewelry to wear for the day. If this area has seen better days, you can give it some life thanks to these renovation tips. 

Consider a Walk-In Layout 

If you have a lot of money to spend on this closet renovation, one of the best things you can do is give your closet a walk-in design. Then, you'll have plenty of space to walk freely in your closet and enjoy this space more.

Walk-in closets have an open design, giving you more room for your clothes, jewelry, shoes, and underwear. They also can be fitted with custom cabinets, helping you keep items more organized. The best candidates for this remodel are homeowners who have extra space to expand and build onto their pre-existing closets.

Select a Door Type 

An integral part of your closets are the doors that are attached to them. There are many great door styles to select from for homeowners today, such as bi-fold doors, bypass doors, mirrored doors, and double doors.

Mirrored doors are perfect if you want to examine your outfit after selecting it from the closet. They also make your rooms feel much more spacious. Bi-fold doors don't require a lot of room to open and are one of the more affordable options. With bypass doors, you open them using a track system. You therefore don't need a lot of opening space and you have plenty of styles to select from.

Hire a Closet Designer 

If you have a busy personal or professional life, finding the time to renovate your closets may seem impossible. That's where close designers come in handy. These professionals are competent when it comes to interior design.

They know what closet layout will work for your particular property and budget. They also have the unique ability to give each closet a general theme that flows well with the rest of your home. They'll incorporate the latest materials and features as well, keeping your closets current and beautiful.

The closets in your home play an important role for your daily routines. Even if they're outdated and literally falling apart, you can easily give them a makeover by following the right protocol. With a little creativity and help from walk-in closet designers, these spaces can turn out great. 


27 April 2018

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