3 Resources For Interior Design Ideas


When you are consulting an interior designer, it helps to have some ideas of what you want and color schemes that are appealing. Instead of pulling these ideas completely from your imagination, doing a little work before the consultation can help you generate realistic ideas for any space.

Color Scheme Generators

Online color scheme generators can help you understand color theory and see different color harmony rules. Typically you start with a base color and see which colors work well in conjunction with the base color. Not only can these tools give you a quick method of finding harmonious colors, but some can also help you pick a specific color from an image. For example, you might see a picture of a flower or clothing and love the color. Upload the image and use the tool to extract the different colors from the photograph so you have a general idea of what they are. This is an easy way to select a base color and then find complementary or analogous colors to expand your color scheme.

Fabric Stores

Unless you have a job or hobby that involves fabric, you may not spend much time in the fabric store. Although online fabric stores or mass merchandisers that sell fabric can give you access to an infinite number of fabrics, it does little to help you with design ideas if you cannot feel the fabric or see it in person. Whenever possible, stop by a physical fabric store and take notes. Spend time touching different types of fabric, even if they are not specifically geared to home decor or utility functions.

Getting a feel for different fabrics, especially specific fibers and fiber blends, will make it easier to know what you are buying or want in furniture. Additionally, you may want to change or add to your decor by reupholstering items or making pillows, drapes, and other items yourself, especially if you cannot find your ideal prints and patterns already made. If you go to a fabric store that sells hobby and craft items, you can also find artificial flowers, vases, and picture frames, which can also serve as decoration.

Software Programs

If you are tech-savvy, it may not be difficult to use vector graphic software to create a virtual model of your home and work on interior design ideas. Fortunately, the process does not need to be complicated since there are free, beginner-friendly software programs that can be used for the same purpose. You will need to take relatively accurate measurements of the rooms you want to work on so you can input this information into the program. Depending on the program, you may have infinite design options including light fixtures, furniture, flooring, and wallpaper to choose from. Since many of these programs render in 3D, you can almost feel like you are walking through your newly designed decor.

Exploring different interior design ideas before your consultation will make the design process faster and easier. Fortunately, there are many resources available to generate inspiration and achieve your dream design.

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14 November 2019

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