The Convenience Of Pull-Out Shelves In Kitchen Cabinetry


When owners of an older home decide they want to have the kitchen fully renovated, they might consult with an interior design professional about some concerns. They have specific goals but are not sure which changes will achieve all of them. If the kitchen is relatively small, for instance, the clients may have a distinct need to create more space for storage and meal preparation. Pull-out shelves are valuable features in this environment.

Creating Food Storage Space

Many people try to stock up on food and other products. Those with plenty of kitchen cabinets and pantry space have no problems with this, but people with limited storage need to figure out other solutions. They might try to keep cans and boxes of food in a closet, for instance. The possibility of renovating the room for additional storage may feel like a priority.

Cabinet Pantries

The main problem with storing a large amount of food in typical cabinetry is so much ends up in the back. As an alternative, cabinet pantries with pull-out shelves can be installed. These function like a traditional pantry that usually is situated next to the kitchen or in the basement.

One design contains a unit that comes out entirely at once. People can easily reach everything they want without needing to pull multiple shelves. The main problem is the weight, particularly when the unit is filled with cans. 

Another design contains shelves that are pulled out individually. Each weighs substantially less than a full unit. However, locating a particular can, jar, or box may require looking over several shelves.

Other Space-Saving Features

Other space-saving features that pull out from a hiding place can be included as well. A spice rack under an upper cabinet is an example. Another is the lazy Susan. These devices function as shelves that spin so nothing is out of reach in the back. Traditionally, these have been full-spin models, but newer ones are only half a circle and pull out from the cabinet. Lazy Susan devices come with single and dual racks. 

Concluding Thoughts

This is a chance for homeowners to have significant improvements made to the room that's commonly considered the heart of the home. With the additional storage area, the residents can purchase extra products whenever stores have discount sales. They might store newer items in the regular cabinets and move those that should be used sooner onto the pull-out shelves. To learn more about pull-out shelves, contact a supplier. 


8 July 2021

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