Five Things a Professional Home Stager Can Do That You Can't


Many experts recommend staging your home when you put it on the market for sale. Once you decide to work on staging the house, though, you must decide between trying to do it yourself and using a staging service. Why should you choose the option of investing in professional home staging? Here are five key things that homeowners generally can't do on their own. 

1. See Your Home Impartially. Personal bias for your home can make selling hard, and it limits your ability to be honest and professional about its flaws and strengths. A professional will enter your home and do what's needed to create a house that buyers can picture themselves living in, and you don't have to make any tough decisions. 

2. Get New Furniture. The best staging involves carefully curated furnishings and decorations rather than just rearranging existing pieces. But few homeowners want to — or can — buy a lot of new pieces for a home they're about to leave. Professional stagers, on the other hand, have an inventory of furnishings at their disposal. They can also inexpensively rent items to fill in gaps.

3. Know What Buyers Want. Staging isn't just about moving furniture and taking down personal mementos. Its goal is to appeal to buyers at the time they are shopping. To do this, the stager must know what buyers want. They need to know trends in home sales, what draws buyers, and the potential downsides to every choice. Unless you work in the interior decor industry, you likely don't have your finger on the pulse of the shopper. 

4. Skip the Heavy Lifting. A lot of stagers need to remove furniture, decor, and personal items from homes while replacing some of them with temporary pieces. Do you want to do this work yourself? If packing up your stuff, taking it to storage, storing and caring for it, then returning it doesn't sound like a job you want, know that a pro can handle all this extra work for you.

5. Do the Job Quickly. Want a quick sale? Have little time in your schedule to stage your entire home? If the answer to these questions is 'yes', no one will get it done more efficiently than a professional stager who knows what they need to do and has the network to simply do it. They can also work while you handle other things in your life. 

Want to know more about using professional home staging services? Start by meeting with an experienced stager in your area today. 


21 December 2021

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