5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing And Installing Vinyl Fences


Vinyl fences give your home an aesthetic appeal while keeping your pets and children safe. Proper installation ensures they are durable to continue protecting you and your family.

These fences are strong, durable, and don't require intensive maintenance. However, they can warp under their weight's stress or extreme weather conditions. 

Avoid these mistakes when fencing your home, as they may cost you more time and money for maintenance or repairs.

1. Failing to Have a Proper Vinyl Fencing Plan

A poor vinyl fencing plan compromises its strength and functionality. Be keen when planning where to erect your vinyl fence. 

Ensure you consult fencing professionals to know the recommended post-to-post gaping and how to handle corner posts. It is advisable to have shorter distances between posts to increase the sturdiness of the fence. 

2. Failing to Dig the Posts' Holes Deep Enough

Set your vinyl fence's post at least 3 feet deep to enhance its strength. Shallow post holes cause the fences to lean or warp under extreme pressure or weight. Ensure all the posts are level by using specialized equipment such as an auger for accurate and level hole measurements. 

Also, ensure the posts are straight enough as you erect to avoid having a leaning fence. After fitting the fence posts in the holes, backfill the hole and reinforce its strength using concrete. 

Remember to research the soil type in your area to know if you'll need to compensate for the lack of compactness and stability.  

3. Failing to Consider Slopy Grounds

If your property sits on uneven or sloped ground, consider using alternative design methods to maintain the fence's appearance. For example, use steps or racked vinyl fencing to accommodate the sloppiness of your home. 

Also, consult fencing experts to understand how to vary the depth of progressive post holes through the different levels. 

4. Assuming the Weight of Vinyl

Despite the vinyl's strength and durability, remember it is prone to warping under harsh weather conditions or weight. 

Ensure you use the right gaping between the posts to withstand the weight of the fence. It'll be more expensive to use more posts because of shorter gaping, but it'll improve the fence's strength. 

5. Failing to Ask for Professional Help

Always consult a fencing expert before taking on a fencing project. The versatility in color, appearance, or type of vinyl fences offers numerous options.

Understand the dos and don'ts of vinyl fencing in each region to avoid messing up your entire project. 

Avoid these mistakes when planning and executing your fencing project. If you don't feel up to the task, hire a fencing expert for a quality fencing project. 

Reach out to a vinyl fencing company to learn more.


24 August 2022

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